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Risk Less - Play Longer

My strategies are designed to stretch your bankroll. Make the amount of money you start with last as long as possible. Start with the lowest coin size, switch to a higher denomination only if you're winning. The longer you can play without risking any additional money of your own, the better your chance that you will line up that winning combination for a big payout.

Play the right machine

When trying to decide which online slot machine to play, consider the size of your bankroll and your priorities. If you are hoping for a very sizeable jackpot, make it a progressive machine. If you'd rather play for a longer period of time and would be happy with a modest win, then find an online slot machine with a relatively small jackpot, but with a paytable that offers a good range of small to medium payouts.

How much money?

Decide in advance how much money you are going to invest for a particular session, and stick to that limit. Don't get carried away, hoping that if you make another deposit your luck will turn and you will recover all of your losses. It's one of the traps casinos hope you'll fall into. Select an online slot machine where you can change the coin size with a click of your mouse. If things don't go right, switch to a lower coin size. Make your money last and sooner or later a win will come.

Go for the jackpot

Most slots pay a higher top jackpot for maximum coin play. For example, a three-coin machine might pay 300 coins for 1 coin, 600 coins for 2 coins and 1,200 coins if three coins are bet. In this case and on all progressive slots it is very important to play the maximum number of coins.

If you do not want to play maximum coins, I recommend that you, either look for a slot machine that does not pay a bonus for maximum coins, or reduce the coin denomination so that playing maximum coins is not that expensive. With a bit of luck you will soon experience the thrill of collecting your first online slot machine jackpot!

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